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Sapattivuosi - Sapattivuosi (2003)

Sapattivuosi - Sapattivuosi (2003)

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1. "Hautuumaan lapset"   4:44
Children of the Grave

2. "Elävinä kuolleisiin"   5:44
Killing Yourself to Live

3. "Parantaja"   4:06
The Wizard

4. "Hankikanto"   5:37

5. "Yksinään"   4:22

6. "Rautamies"   6:14
Iron Man

7. "Keijujen kengät"   5:59
Fairies Wear Boots

8. "S.Ä.N.K.I."   5:29

Sapattivuosi is a Finnish Black Sabbath tribute band singing in Finnish. The band was initiated as a project by vocalist Hannu Paloniemi, drummer Simo Vehmas, and guitarist Janne Halmkrona (also of CMX). Sapattivuosi's first two albums covered songs from the Ozzy Osbourne era. Then vocalist Paloniemi left the band. He was replaced by Marko Hietala, known from bands such as Nightwish, Tarot and Northern Kings. Hietala first appeared with Sapattivuosi on their single Pelon lait (a cover of Neon Knights), which came out on 4 March 2009. The band's third full-length album, Ihmisen merkki, also covers songs from Black Sabbath's Ronnie James Dio era. It was released on 1 April 2009.

All three Sapattivuosi albums made the Finnish charts, with two making the top ten. At least two singles have also spent weeks at #4 on the charts.

Sapattivuosi Band Members / Musicians
Janne Halmkrona (guitar)
Antero Aunesluoma (bass)
Simo Vehmas (drums)
Hannu Paloniemi (vocals) (2000–2009)
Marko Hietala (vocals, acoustic guitar) (2009–2013)

Sapattivuosi Discography Full
2003 Sapattivuosi
2005 Sapattivuosi Vol. 2
2009 Ihmisen merkki

"Hautuumaan lapset" (2003)
"Kännin piikkiin" (2005)
"Pelon lait" (2009)

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