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Throes of Dawn - Pakkasherra (1997)

Throes of Dawn - Pakkasherra (1997)

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Throes of Dawn is a Finnish metal band. The group formed in 1994 by Henri Koivula (vocals) and Jani Heinola (synth). The band has been known as emotional dark metal. The band's sound is built on the combination of synths and guitars, laced with clean vocals and additional growling and screaming vocals. The lyrical concept of Throes of Dawn is often poetic, reflecting the deeper and darker aspects of the human psyche; solitude, feelings of loss, and the fears and pains of existence.

Throes of Dawn Band Members / Musicians

Henri Koivula – all vocals (1994–present)
Jani "Zeus" Heinola – guitars and synths, backing vocals (1994–present), clean vocals (1994–2000)
Juha Ylikoski – lead guitars (2003–present)
Taneli "Stuka" Nyholm – bass (2019–present)
Henri Andersson – keyboards (2010–present)
Juuso Backman – drums, percussion (2012–present)

Matti Suomela – bass (1994–2001)
Toni Jokinen – lead guitarist (1994–2001)
Teemu Jokinen – drums, percussion (1994–2001)
Mikko – lead guitarist (2001–03)
Mathias Pharmacist – lead guitarist (2001–03)
Jani "Martex" Martikkala – drums, percussion (2001–12)
Harri Huhtala – bass (2001–2016)

Throes of Dawn Discography Full

Studio albums
1997 Pakkasherra
1998 Dreams of the Black Earth
2000 Binding of the Spirit
2004 Quicksilver Clouds
2010 The Great Fleet of Echoes
2016 Our Voices Shall Remain

1998 The Blackened Rainbow

1994 With the Northern Wind

1996 Pakkasherra

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