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Barão Vermelho - Maior Abandonado (1984)

Barão Vermelho - Maior Abandonado (1984)

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"Maior Abandonado" (Of Age And Abandoned)

"Baby Suporte" (Baby Support)

"Sem Vergonha" (Shameless)

"Você Se Parece Com Todo Mundo" (You Look Like Everyone)

"Milagres" (Miracles)

"Não Amo Ninguém" (I Don't Love Anybody)

"Por Que A Gente É Assim?" (Why Are We Like This?)

"Narciso" (Narcissus)

"Nós" (We)

"Dolorosa" (Painful)

"Bete Balanço"

Barão Vermelho Band Members / Musicians / Album Credits
Cazuza: lead vocals
Roberto Frejat: guitar
Maurício Barros: keyboards
Dé: bass
Guto Goffi: drums and percussion

Maior Abandonado is the 3rd album by Brazilian rock band Barão Vermelho, released in 1984. It is their most critically acclaimed and generally considered their best album. It contain their biggest hit "Bete Balanço". This was the last album with singer and main lyricist Cazuza, who left the band in 1985.

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