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Marea - La Patera (1999)

Marea - La Patera (1999)

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Marea are a Spanish rock band from Berriozar, Navarre formed in 1997 by Kutxi Romero. The band deals with lyrics influenced by Spanish folklore and literature using archaic terms and expressions.

They have released eight studio albums, a collection boxset and a live album.

Marea Band Members / Musicians  / Album Credits

Kutxi Romero: lead vocals and lyrics

Eduardo Beaumont (Piñas): bass and vocals (occasionally).

César Ramallo: electric guitar

David ''Kolibrí'' Díaz: electric and acoustic guitar

Alén Ayerdi: drums and backing vocals

Marea Discography Full

1999 La Patera

2000 Revolcón

2002 Besos de perro

2004 28.000 puñaladas

2007 Las aceras están llenas de piojos

2007 Coces al aire (collection with unreleased tracks and DVD)

2008 Las putas más viejas del mundo (live CD + DVD)

2011 En mi hambre mando yo

2019 El azogue

Compilation albums

2007- Secos los pies: 1997-2007 (2007)

2007- Coces al aire: 1997-2007 (2007)

2008- Jauría de perros verdes (2008)

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