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Mojinos Escozíos - Mojinos Escozíos (1996)

Mojinos Escozíos - Mojinos Escozíos (1996)

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Mojinos Escozíos (Spanish for "Burnt Asses") is a Spanish comedy rock band, mostly significant because of their lyrics on their songs, that may be considered irreverent, humorous, and possibly scatological.

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez El Sevilla: Nicknamed for his birthplace, he is the leader of the band, performs the vocals, and is also able of playing wind instruments such as the pan flute and the harmonica, as well as dancing. He is an easily recognizable person by his appearance: he is an obese man with a long curly hair and a bushy beard covering most of his face.

Juan Ramón Artero Chicho: El Sevilla's childhood friend, he played the lead guitar. In their songs, it was common that El Sevilla would order Chicho to play the guitar solo. He was also capable of acting; in Ópera Rock Triunfo he portrayed a contestant in a television talent show. Chicho passed away on 26 September 2020.

José Carlos Barja Zippy: Bass guitar. In their songs he is constantly angry and using foul language. Some in-jokes of the band are that Zippy kills El Sevilla at the end of every album (this was discontinued in 2002), and his anger comes from the fact that he is a cuckold. In their 2008 album, Zippy takes revenge and hooks up with El Sevilla's wife.

Vidal Barja Sr. El Puto: Drums. He is Zippy's brother and the oldest member of the band, and the only one that does not have long hair because of his hair loss; sometimes he is seen wearing a cap. He often boasts of having a large penis, and allegedly, his nickname, El Puto (English: The Prostitute) comes from the fact that his wife pays him for sex.

Vidal Barja Jr. Vidalito: Rhythm guitar. He is El Puto's son and the youngest member of the band. Since 2008 he has also become the record producer of the band.

Esteve Coll Maestro: Was the record producer of their albums until 2008, and also the pianist when needed. Taught Vidalito to produce records and they produced together their 2007 album.

Mojinos Escozíos Discography Full

1996 Mojinos Escozíos

1998 Demasiao perro pa trabajá, demasiao carvo par rocanró

2000 En un cortijo grande el que es tonto se muere de hambre

2001 Las margaritas son flores del campo

2002 Más de 8 millones de discos vendidos

2003 Ópera Rock Triunfo

2004 Semos unos Mostruos

2005 Con cuernos y a lo loco

2006 Diez años escozíos

2007 Pa pito el Mío

2008 Los novios que las madres nunca quisieron para sus hijas y el novio que las hijas nunca quisieron para sus madres

2010 La leyenda de los hombres más guapos del mundo

2011 Mená Chatruá

2013 Semos unos máquinas

2015 Selfi, bragas y rocanró

2017 Maduritos y resultones

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