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Elbow - Giants of All Sizes (2019)

Elbow - Giants of All Sizes (2019)

Tracklist front / back album covers download

"Dexter & Sinister" – 7:00 on physical and download versions, 6:40 on streaming version
"Seven Veils" – 4:36
"Empires" – 4:00
"The Delayed 3:15" – 3:25
"White Noise White Heat" – 3:56
"Doldrums" – 3:02
"My Trouble" – 5:18
"On Deronda Road" – 4:02
"Weightless" – 4:45

Elbow Band Members / Musicians

Guy Garvey – vocals, string arrangement on "The Delayed 3:15"

Craig Potter – keyboards

Mark Potter – guitars

Pete Turner – bass guitar

Violeta Barreña – violin on "The Delayed 3:15"

Chilli Chilton – backing vocals on "Doldrums"

Marius de Vries – string arrangement on "My Trouble"

Sarah Field – trumpet, tenor saxophone and soprano saxophone on "Dexter & Sinister"

Jesca Hoop – additional vocals on "Dexter & Sinister"
The Plumedores (Dean Casement, Andy Hargreaves, 
Danny McTague, Mark Potter, Mat Skinner) – vocals on "On Deronda Road"

Alex Reeves – drums on all tracks except "My Trouble" and "On Deronda Road", percussion on "Seven Veils", "Empires" and "White Noise White Heat"

Matt Robertson – string arrangement on "My Trouble"

Nathan "Nathan Sudders" Sudders – vocals on "On Deronda Road"

The Hallé Orchestra – strings on "White Noise White Heat" and "My Trouble"

Conductor: Jonathan Heyward

First violin: Sarah Ewins (leader), Nicola Clarke, Zoe Coleman, Peter Liang, Michelle Marsh, Steven Proctor

Second violin: Rosemary Attree, Paulette Bayley, Elizabeth Bosworth, Helena Buckie, Philippa Heys, John Purton

Viola: Cameron Campbell, Chris Emerson, Julian Mottram, Timothy Pooley

Cello: Dale Culliford, Jane Hallett, David Petri, Clare Rowe, Nick Trygstad, Simon Turner

Double bass: Daniel Storer, Yi Xin Salvage

Craig Potter – production, mixing
Danny Evans – engineer
Tom Baird – additional engineer on "Dexter & Sinister", "Empires", "White Noise White Heat", "On Deronda Road" and "Weightless"
Pedro Dzelme – assistant engineer on "Doldrums"
Charlie Leake – additional engineer on "Dexter & Sinister", "Empires", "White Noise White Heat", "On Deronda Road" and "Weightless"
Sebastian Muxfeldt – additional engineer on "Dexter & Sinister", "Empires" and "Weightless"
Gary Hadfield – assistant engineer on "Dexter & Sinister", "The Delayed 3:15", "White Noise White Heat" and "My Trouble"
Katie May – assistant engineer on "Empires", "White Noise White Heat" and "Weightless"
Ollie Middleton – assistant engineer on "Empires", "White Noise White Heat" and "Weightless"
Ian Stewart – assistant engineer on "Dexter & Sinister", "Seven Veils", "The Delayed 3:15" and "White Noise White Heat"
VGC – cover photography
Elbow – art direction

Giants of All Sizes is the 8th studio album by British alternative rock band Elbow, released on Polydor Records on 11 October 2019. The album has a darker lyrical tone than previous Elbow albums, with singer Guy Garvey's lyrics relating to Brexit, the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy and the deaths of his father and two close friends. It was widely praised by critics, and entered the UK Albums Chart at number one, becoming the band's third consecutive chart-topping studio album.

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