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Elbow - The Take Off and Landing of Everything (2014)

Elbow - The Take Off and Landing of Everything (2014)

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1. "This Blue World"   7:13
2. "Charge"   5:16
3. "Fly Boy Blue / Lunette"   6:23
4. "New York Morning"   5:19
5. "Real Life (Angel)"   6:47
6. "Honey Sun"   4:56
7. "My Sad Captains"   6:00
8. "Colour Fields"   3:42
9. "The Take Off and Landing of Everything"   7:11
10. "The Blanket of Night"   4:24

Elbow Band Members / Musicians
Guy Garvey – vocals, strings and horns arrangements
Richard Jupp – drums
Craig Potter – keyboards
Mark Potter – guitar
Pete Turner – bass

Tim Barber – trumpet on "New York Morning" and "My Sad Captains"

Katharine Curlett – trumpet on "New York Morning" and "My Sad Captains"

Jimi Goodwin – backing vocals on "New York Morning"

Peter McPhail – baritone saxophone, clarinet and sopranino saxophone on "Fly Boy Blue/Lunette", alto saxophone and baritone saxophone on "New York Morning"

Bob Marsh – trumpet on "My Sad Captains"

The Hallé Orchestra – strings on "Charge", "Real Life (Angel)" and "Honey Sun"

Chris Worsley – score on "Charge" and "Real Life (Angel)"

The Take Off and Landing of Everything is the 6th studio album by English rock band Elbow, released in the UK, Europe, and Australia through Fiction Records and Polydor Records on 10 March 2014 and in the US on Concord Records on 11 March 2014.

Originally recorded with the working title of All at Once and then renamed Carry Her, Carry Me after a line in closing track "The Blanket of Night", the band changed their mind shortly before the album's release and settled on naming the album after one of its tracks. Singer Guy Garvey explained, "It's to do with the fact that there have been [so many] life events. There are five members of the band—people have split up, got together, had children. It never stops, this stuff. Especially round the [age of] 40 mark... and yet I wanted to remain celebratory about that. Everybody's feeling relief, with remorse, next to joy, next to loss. But I think laughing very hard and worrying very little is a good way to keep young." 

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