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Guided by Voices - Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia (1989)

Guided by Voices - Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia (1989)

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"The Future Is in Eggs" (M. Mitchell/J. Pollard/R. Pollard) – 3:29

"The Great Blake St. Canoe Race" (R. Pollard) – 2:54

"Slopes of Big Ugly" (R. Pollard) – 2:06

"Paper Girl" (R. Pollard) – 2:16

"Navigating Flood Regions" (R. Pollard) – 2:38

"An Earful O' Wax" (R. Pollard) – 4:22

"White Whale" (J. Pollard/R. Pollard) – 2:39

"Trampoline" (R. Pollard) – 2:12

"Short on Posters" (J. Pollard/R. Pollard) – 1:46

"Chief Barrel Belly" (R. Pollard) – 3:16

"Dying to Try This" (R. Pollard) – 1:17

"The Qualifying Remainder" (K. Fennell/M. Mitchell/J. Pollard/R. Pollard) – 2:55

"Liar's Tale" (R. Pollard) – 1:57

"Radio Show (Trust the Wizard)" (J. Pollard/R. Pollard) – 4:01

Guided by Voices Band Members / Musicians

Robert Pollard – vocals, guitar
Jim Pollard – guitar
Peyton Eric – drums
Steve Wilbur – guitar, bass
Bruce Smith – drums (track 6)
Mitch Mitchell – bass
Kevin Fennell – drums

Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia is the 3rd album by American indie rock band Guided by Voices. It is considered to be the first album in the group's discography to have their signature sound which was achieved by using low fidelity recording techniques.

It is the only album to feature drummer Bruce Smith.

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