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Tears of Fears - Raoul and the Kings of Spain (without Curt Smith) (1995)

Tears of Fears - Raoul and the Kings of Spain (without Curt Smith) (1995)

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1. "Raoul and the Kings of Spain"   5:16

2. "Falling Down"   4:56

3. "Secrets"   4:42

4. "God's Mistake"   3:47

5. "Sketches of Pain"   4:21

6. "Los Reyes Católicos"   1:44

7. "Sorry"   4:48

8. "Humdrum and Humble"   4:11

9. "I Choose You"   3:26

10. "Don't Drink the Water"   4:51

11. "Me and My Big Ideas"   4:33

12. "Los Reyes Católicos (Reprise)"   3:43

Tears of Fears Band Members / Musicians

Roland Orzabal – lead vocals, keyboards, guitars

Alan Griffiths – keyboards, guitars

Jebin Bruni – Hammond organ

Jeffrey Trott – guitars

Gail Ann Dorsey – bass

Brian MacLeod – drums, percussion

Oleta Adams – guest vocalist on "Me and My Big Ideas"

Mark O'Donoughue – backing vocals

Producers – Tim Palmer (tracks 1–7, 10, 11 &12); Roland Orzabal and Alan Griffiths (tracks 8 & 9).

Engineer – Mark O'Donoughue

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering (Portland, Maine).

Album Coordinators – Jason Geake and Philippa Sprigg

Design – Gail Marowitz

Front Cover Photo – Jose Galle

Inner Sleeve Photos – David Tack and Pamela Springsteen

Raoul and the Kings of Spain is the 5th studio album by British pop rock band Tears for Fears, released on 10 October 1995 by Epic Records. Like the band's previous album, Elemental (1993), it is essentially a solo effort by Roland Orzabal — neither album being made with the involvement of Curt Smith, who had left the band by that time.

Orzabal's primary musical collaborator for Raoul and the Kings of Spain was Alan Griffiths, who acted in the same role for Elemental, co-writing most of the album with Orzabal. Raoul and the Kings of Spain also retained producer Tim Palmer from Elemental. Raoul was a commercial and critical disappointment for the band, becoming their lowest charting album in both the UK and US up to that point and receiving mixed to negative reviews. The failure of the album led Orzabal to put Tears For Fears on hiatus for the rest of the 1990s; he and Griffiths would go on to collaborate on Orzabal's debut solo album Tomcats Screaming Outside (2001).

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