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Biquíni Cavadão - Cidades em Torrente (1986)

Biquíni Cavadão - Cidades em Torrente (1986)

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Biquini Cavadão is a Brazilian rock band formed in Rio de Janeiro in 1985. They are an influential 1980s band that still continues successful to this day.

Biquini Cavadão is the name of a tiny cut-a-way bikini well known in Brazilian beaches during the eighties. It is also the name of one of the most famous bands in Brazil in the last thirty years, with more than one million copies of their albums sold, with more than two thousand shows nationwide, as well as abroad. Bruno Gouveia (vocals), Miguel Flores da Cunha (keyboards), Alvaro Birita (drums) and Sheik (bass), after one year presenting gigs in high school parties, mostly covers from emerging Brazilian bands, decided to make their own music. With a great help from Carlos Beni (Kid Abelha's former drummer) and Herbert Vianna (Paralamas do Sucesso), who actually named the band, their first song ever air played - "Tédio" - became an instant hit. Signed by Polygram and with the inclusion of guitar player Carlos Coelho, they released their debut single at that same year and in 1986, they released their first album, Cidades em Torrente. They released two more albums in the eighties (A Era da Incerteza and Zé) with minor hits than its predecessor.

Biquíni Cavadão Discography Full

1986 Cidades em Torrente
1987 A Era da Incerteza
1989 Zé
1991 Descivilização
1994 Agora
2000 Escuta Aqui
2001 80
2007 Só Quem Sonha Acordado Vê o Sol Nascer
2007 Sucessos Regravados
2013 Roda-Gigante
2017 As Voltas Que O Mundo Dá
2018 Ilustre Guerreiro
2021 Através dos Tempos

Live albums
2005 Biquini Cavadão ao Vivo
2008 80 Vol. 2 ao Vivo no Circo Voador
2014 Me Leve Sem Destino
2020 Ilustre Guerreiro ao Vivo

Compilation albums
1994 O Melhor do Biquini Cavadão
1998 Remixes

Video albums
2005 Biquini Cavadão ao Vivo
2008 80 Vol. 2 ao Vivo no Circo Voador
2014 Me Leve Sem Destino

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