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J. Karjalainen - J. Karjalainen ja Mustat Lasit (1981)

J. Karjalainen - J. Karjalainen ja Mustat Lasit (1981)

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Jukka Tapio "J." Karjalainen (born 1 April 1957) is a Finnish singer-songwriter. His first album came out in 1981 and he has been called the "Bruce Springsteen of Finland." He states that his music is a mix of "Blues, Rock´n´roll, Folk, Country, Soul, Funky, New Orleans stuff." He also listened to old-time musicians like Tommy Jarrell and Clarence Ashley while learning the 5-string banjo. Jukka is married to Kati Bergman, and they have a son, Väinö Karjalainen, who is also a musician and music producer.

Studio albums

as J. Karjalainen ja Mustat Lasit

1981: J. Karjalainen ja Mustat Lasit (J. Karjalainen and The Dark Glasses)

1982: Yö kun saapuu Helsinkiin (When The Night Comes to Helsinki)

1983: Tatsum tisal ( Krad Sessalg)

1985: Doris

1986: Varaani (Monitor Lizard)

1987: Kookospähkinäkitara (Coconut guitar)

1988: Lumipallo (Snowball)

as J. Karjalainen (1st period)

1990: Keltaisessa talossa (In The Yellow House)

J. Karjalainen yhtyeineen (J. Karjalainen and His Band)

1991: Päiväkirja (Diary)

1992: Tähtilampun alla (Under The Star Lantern)

1994: Villejä lupiineja (Wild Lupins)

as J. Karjalainen Electric Sauna

1996: J. Karjalainen Electric Sauna

1998: Laura Häkkisen silmät (Eyes of Laura Häkkinen)

1999: Electric picnik

2001: Marjaniemessä (At Marjaniemi)

2002: Valtatie (Highway)

as J. Karjalainen (2nd period)

2006: Lännen-Jukka (Western-Jukka)

2008: Paratiisin pojat (Boys of Paradise)

2010: Polkabilly Rebels

2013: Et ole yksin (You Are Not Alone)

2015: Sinulle, Sofia (For You, Sofia)

2018: Sä kuljetat mua (You drive me)

2022: Soulavaris

Live albums

as J. Karjalainen ja Mustat Lasit

1983: Tunnussävel (Theme Music)

1989: Live


As J. Karjalainen

2013: "Mennyt mies"

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