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Lobão - Cena de Cinema (1982)

Lobão - Cena de Cinema (1982)

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João Luiz Woerdenbag Filho (born October 11, 1957), popularly known as Lobão ("Big Wolf", in reference to the Disney depiction of the Big Bad Wolf character), is a Brazilian singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, writer, publisher, television host and media personality. He is perhaps best known for his hit songs "Me Chama" ("Call Me") and "Vida Louca Vida" ("Life, Crazy Life") as well as seminal works Vida Bandida and A Vida É Doce.

Aside from his musical works, Lobão acquired a reputation for having little inhibition in expressing his opinions, as well as bluntly and publicly criticising fellow musicians, which led to a notable number of controversies and enmities. His most recent controversy was a break-up with the record industry; claiming that all major labels are conspiring to deceive their own artists (by underreporting sales and using piracy as a scapegoat), he set an independent distribution plan to sell music CDs on newsstands and through the internet. Thus far, this endeavor has been very successful: his recent albums sold well and were critically acclaimed

Lobão also created a magazine, Outracoisa (literally somethingelse or anotherthing), which comes bundled with a music CD of independent artists.

1982 Cena de Cinema
1984 Ronaldo foi pra Guerra
1986 O Rock Errou
1987 Vida Bandida
1988 Cuidado!
1989 Sob o Sol de Parador
1990 Vivo
1991 O Inferno é Fogo
1995 Nostalgia da Modernidade
1998 Noite
1999 A Vida é Doce
2001 2001: Uma Odisséia no Universo Paralelo
2005 Canções Dentro da Noite Escura
2007 Acústico MTV
2012 Lobão Elétrico: Lino, Sexy & Brutal (Ao Vivo Em São Paulo)

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