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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Hope Downs (2018)

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Hope Downs (2018)

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1. "An Air Conditioned Man"   4:51

2. "Talking Straight"   3:44

3. "Mainland"   4:14

4. "Time in Common"   2:04

5. "Sister's Jeans"   3:16

6. "Bellarine"   2:54

7. "Cappuccino City"   2:54

8. "Exclusive Grave"   3:46

9. "How Long?"   3:06

10. "The Hammer"   4:28

Hope Downs is the debut studio album by the Australian indie rock band Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. It was released on 15 June 2018, through Sub Pop, which peaked at No. 24 on the ARIA Albums Chart. The title refers to the Hope Downs mine, which, according to the band, "refers to the feeling of standing at the edge of the void of the big unknown, and finding something to hold on to". The songs in the album generally have a theme of being alone. Critic Andy Cush says the album presents serene environments, calling it a "brief vacation".

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