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Sodom - In the Sign of Evil (1984)

Sodom - In the Sign of Evil (1984)

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1. "Outbreak of Evil"   4:49
2. "Sepulchral Voice"   4:31
3. "Blasphemer"   3:05
4. "Witching Metal"   3:13
5. "Burst Command ‘til War"   3:36

Total length:   19:12

Sodom Band Members / Musicians
Tom Angelripper – vocals, bass
Grave Violator (Josef "Peppi" Dominik) – guitar
Witchhunter (Christian Dudek) – drums

Detleft Schmidt – sleeve design
Horst Müller – engineering
Sven Clasen – band management
Joachim Pieczulski – album cover painting
Wolfgang Eicholz – production

In the Sign of Evil is the first EP and the debut release by West German thrash metal band Sodom, released in 1985 via Devil's Game independent record label. The record is considered part of the first wave of black metal. Despite the melodic rawness, the over-the-top lyrics ("My life begins at midnight twelve, masturbate to kill myself") and the elementary structure of the songs, two of them ("Outbreak of Evil" and "Blasphemer") were regularly played by the band thirty-five years into its career, and are considered crowd favorites.

The tracks from In the Sign of Evil were re-recorded in 2007 and released as The Final Sign of Evil.

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