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Sodom - Tapping the Vein (1992)

Sodom - Tapping the Vein (1992)

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1. "Body Parts"   3:02

2. "Skinned Alive"   2:27

3. "One Step Over the Line"   5:07

4. "Deadline"   3:52

5. "Bullet in the Head"   3:01

6. "The Crippler"   4:10

7. "Wachturm"   3:47

8. "Tapping the Vein"   5:11

9. "Back to War"   3:14

10. "Hunting Season"   4:28

11. "Reincarnation"   7:49

Total length: 46:11


Sodom Band Members / Musicians

Tom Angelripper - vocals, bass

Andy Brings - guitars

Chris Witchhunter - drums

Dieter Braun - cover art

Jürgen Huber - cover art

Harris Johns - production, engineering, recording

Tapping the Vein is the 5th studio album by German thrash metal band Sodom, released on 1 August 1992 through Steamhammer/SPV. The album was recorded with producer Harris Johns at Dierks Studios in Cologne, Germany. The album marks the studio debut of guitarist Andy Brigs and is the last album to feature original member Chris Witchhunter on drums.

The album represents a return to a heavy and fast-paced musical direction, and features a notable death metal influence.

Tapping the Vein received positive reviews from critics and peaked at number 56 on Germany's Official Top 100 Charts. Sodom promoted the album on a tour throughout Germany and Japan in 1992.

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