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Atomic Opera - For Madmen Only (1994)

Atomic Opera - For Madmen Only (1994)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Joyride" – 5:11

"Justice" – 3:33

"Achilles' Heel" – 5:54

"I Know Better" – 4:16

"All Fall Down" – 3:38

"War Drum" – 5:33

"Blackness" – 4:09

"December" – 5:07

"This Side of the Rainbow" - 3:37

"New Dreams" - 9:41

Atomic Opera Band Members / Musicians

Frank Hart - Lead vocals, Guitar

Jonathan Marshall - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Mark Poindexter - Drums, Backing Vocals

Jonas Velasco - Bass, Backing Vocals

Produced by Sam Taylor

Recorded by Sam Taylor

Engineered by Steve Ames

Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound Studios, New York, NY

Art direction by Allison Smythe, ARS Graphica, Houston, TX

Cover design, illustration and layout by Allison Smythe and Frank Hart

Photography by Frank Hart, Sam Taylor, Kate Warren

Illustrations by Frank Hart and Jonas Valesco

Drum technician: Robbie Parrish

Guitar technician: John Ziegler

For Madmen Only is a rock album by the band Atomic Opera, released in 1994. The album was produced by ZZ Top video producer Sam Taylor. Taylor is known for his production and management work with the band King's X early in their career. The title is a reference to a sign above a hidden door, to the Magic Theatre in Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse.

The CD was out-of-print for many years until 2014, when in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the album's release, Frank Hart released a remastered reissue of the album, including three bonus tracks.

Some Warner Bros. Records CDs (released under the Collision Arts label) were distributed as promotional copies and have gold lettering stating this stamped on the front cover.

The video for the song "Justice" was played approximately 20 times on MTV.

Atomic Opera is an American hard rock band from Houston, Texas. Their style blends progressive rock, art rock, metal, medieval influences, and eastern music.

Atomic Opera Band Members / Musicians

Frank Hart - vocals, electric guitar, cello, bass

Kemper Crabb - vocals, mandolin, recorder, dulcimer, harmonica (on Penguin Dust and Gospel Cola)

Ryan Birsinger - bass, Chapman Stick, vocals (on Gospel Cola)

Trip Wamsley - bass (joined after release of Gospel Cola)

John Simmons - drums, vocals (on Gospel Cola)

Mark Poindexter - drums, vocals (on For Madmen Only, Alpha and Oranges, and Penguin Dust)

Jonas Velasco - bass, vocals (on For Madmen Only and Alpha and Oranges)

Jonathan Marshall - electric guitar, vocals (on For Madmen Only and Alpha and Oranges)

Len Sonnier - bass, vocals (on Alpha and Oranges)

Atomic Opera Discography Full

1994 For Madmen Only

1997 Penguin Dust

1999 Alpha and Oranges

2000 Cross Rhythms

2000 Gospel Cola

2023 The Mystery of Hope

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