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Badlands - Voodoo Highway (1991)

Badlands - Voodoo Highway (1991)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "The Last Time"   3:41

2. "Show Me the Way"   4:12

3. "Shine On"   4:22

4. "Whiskey Dust"   4:18

5. "Joe's Blues"   0:57

6. "Soul Stealer"   2:58

7. "3 Day Funk"   3:52

8. "Silver Horses"   4:40

9. "Love Don't Mean a Thing"   4:01

10. "Voodoo Highway"   2:22

11. "Fire and Rain"   3:40

12. "Heaven's Train"   3:58

13. "In a Dream"   2:14


Badlands Band Members / Musicians

Ray Gillen – lead vocals, second harmonica on track 7

Jake E. Lee – guitars, Moog bass, organ, piano, güiro, tambourine and percussion

Greg Chaisson – electric and acoustic basses

Jeff Martin – drums, assorted percussion, first harmonica on track 7, backing vocals

James A. Ball – co-producer, engineer, mixing at Westlake Audio, Los Angeles

Brad Aldridge, Michael Malina – mixing engineers

Gina Immel, Mike Gunderson, Steve Harrison – assistant engineers at Rumbo Recorders

Chris Kupper – assistant engineer at Indigo Ranch and Studio II

Greg Calbi – mastering at Sterling Sound, New York

Voodoo Highway is the 2nd studio album by the American hard rock band Badlands. After their first album, drummer Eric Singer left the band to join KISS, and was replaced by drummer Jeff Martin, who had previously sung lead vocals in the bands Surgical Steel and Racer X. Bassist Greg Chaisson was instrumental in getting his friend Jeff Martin the gig with Badlands. They had earlier played in the Phoenix, AZ bands Surgical Steel and St. Michael together and teamed up again in the Blindside Blues Band and RedSea following the demise of Badlands.

The song "Joe's Blues" is named after then Terriff and future Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Joe Holmes who worked as a guitar tech for Jake E Lee during the recording of Voodoo Highway. Ray Gillen briefly joined Holmes in Terriff after leaving Badlands in 1992.

In 2005, American Idol star Bo Bice made the second to last round with his a cappella rendition of the album's closing track, "In a Dream". He lost the season to Carrie Underwood, but judge Simon Cowell believed that Bice would have won, had he saved "In a Dream" for his final performance.

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