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Bury Tomorrow - The Union of Crowns (2012)

Bury Tomorrow - The Union of Crowns (2012)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Redeemer"   4:33
2. "The Maiden"   4:38
3. "Lionheart"   3:38
4. "Message to a King"   3:49
5. "An Honourable Reign"   3:59
6. "Knight Life"   3:32
7. "Royal Blood"   3:51
8. "Bitemarks"   3:46
9. "Abdication of Power"   4:21
10. "Kingdom"   3:43
11. "1603"   4:39
12. "Sceptres"   3:23
13. "Vacant Throne"   3:26
14. "A Curse"   3:38

Total length:   54:49

B-Side Track
15. "Darkest Regions"   4:43

Total length:   59:32

Bury Tomorrow Band Members / Musicians
Dani Winter-Bates – unclean vocals
Mehdi Vismara – lead guitar
Jason Cameron – rhythm guitar, clean vocals
Davyd Winter-Bates – bass
Adam Jackson – drums, percussion

Antony Smith – engineering, production
Pedro Teixeira – engineering, mixing, production
Mike Curtis – engineering
Jeff Dunne – editing
Jamie Graham – management
Beckie Sugden – booking
Jacob Hansen – mastering
Jaap Wagemaker – A&R
Clinton Watts – editing

The Union of Crowns is the 2nd studio album by British metalcore band Bury Tomorrow. The album was released on 13 July 2012 through Nuclear Blast. It was produced by Antony Smith and Pedro Teixeira. It is also the last album to feature the band's founding lead guitarist Mehdi Vismara before he left the band in 2013. It was recorded within the first few months of 2012. The album's release was delayed several times by the band in attempts to find a record label who could provide international distribution simultaneously.

Upon release, the album received mixed to positive reception from critics. With critics primarily praising the album song writing and sonic improvement from the band's predecessor, Portraits, negative criticism stemmed from its lack of innovation and the album is sometimes considered excessive in length.

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