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Dragonland - Under the Grey Banner (2011)

Dragonland - Under the Grey Banner (2011)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Ilmarion"   3:18

2. "Shadow Of The Mithril Mountains" (featuring Anna Mariann Lundberg)   5:44

3. "The Tempest"   4:13

4. "A Thousand Towers White"   4:07

5. "Fire And Brimstone" (featuring Fred Johanson)   4:31

6. "The Black Mare"   6:13

7. "Lady of Goldenwood" (featuring Elize Ryd, Anna Mariann Lundberg)   4:16

8. "Dûrnir's Forge" (featuring Fred Johanson)   4:58

9. "The Trials of Mount Farnor"   5:26

10. "Throne of Bones" (featuring Fred Johanson)   1:47

11. "Under the Grey Banner" (featuring Andy Solveström, Fred Johanson, Jake E, Elize Ryd, Anna Marianne Lundberg)   8:04

12. "Ivory Shores" (featuring Anna Marianne Lundberg)   3:18

Japanese edition bonus track

6. "At the Inn of Éamon Bayle"   3:57


Dragonland Band Members / Musicians

Olof Mörck – guitars, violin

Jonas Heidgert – vocals

Anders Hammer – bass

Elias Holmlid – keyboards

Jesse Lindskog – guitars

Morten Løwe Sørensen – drums

Fred Johanson

Anna Mariann Lundberg

Elize Ryd

Jake E. Lundberg

Andy Solveström

Under the Grey Banner is the 5th studio album by Swedish power metal band Dragonland. The album was released on 13 November 2011. This is the third part of the Dragonland Chronicles saga. Damian Bajowski (known from PC game The Witcher) created the cover artwork for this chapter of the Dragonland saga.

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