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Enslaved - Isa (2004)

Enslaved - Isa (2004)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Intro: Green Reflection"   0:51

2. "Lunar Force" (lyrics by Grutle Kjellson)   7:03

3. "Isa"   3:46

4. "Ascension"   6:45

5. "Bounded by Allegiance" (lyrics by Kjellson)   6:38

6. "Violet Dawning"   3:49

7. "Return to Yggdrasill" (lyrics by Kjellson and Bjørnson)   5:39

8. "Secrets of the Flesh"   3:36

9. "Neogenesis"   11:58

10. "Outro: Communion (excerpt)"   0:56

Total length:   51:01


Enslaved Band Members / Musicians

Grutle Kjellson – harsh vocals, bass

Ivar Bjørnson – guitar

Arve Isdal – guitar

Herbrand Larsen – keyboards; hammond, piano, mellotron, clean vocals

Cato Bekkevold (from Red Harvest) – drums, percussion

Truls Espedal, Asle Birkeland – cover art

Abbath Doom Occulta - backing vocals - "Lunar Force"

Nocturno Culto - additional vocals - "Isa" and "Bounded by Allegiance"

Dennis Reksten (from El-Regn) - additional synthesizers

Ofu Khan (from Red Harvest) - vocals on "Ascension"

Stig Sandbakk - additional vocals on "Ascension" and "Return to Yggdrasill"

Production: Pytten and Enslaved

Engineering: Pytten and Herbrand Larsen

Mixing: Lars Klokkerhaug

Mastering: Peter In de Betou

Isa is the 8th full-length studio album by Norwegian metal band Enslaved. Several tracks segue continuously into one another and the majority of compositions are composed of multiple interlocking movements.

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