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Joe Walsh - The Confessor (1985)

Joe Walsh - The Confessor (1985)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one

1. "Problems"   3:55

2. "I Broke My Leg"   3:12

3. "Bubbles"   3:33

4. "Slow Dancing"   4:22

5. "15 Years"   3:52

Side two

6. "The Confessor"   7:06

7. "Rosewood Bitters"   3:29

8. "Good Man Down"   4:14

9. "Dear John"   2:40

Total length:   36:15


Joe Walsh Band Members / Musicians

Joe Walsh – lead vocals, synthesizers, lead guitars, bass, talk box

Randy Newman – keyboards

Alan Pasqua – keyboards

Waddy Wachtel – guitars

Mark Andes – bass

Dennis Belfield – bass

Mike Porcaro – bass

David Margen – bass

Keith Olsen – bass

Rick Rosas – bass

Denny Carmassi – drums

Jim Keltner – drums

Rick Marotta – drums

Chet McCracken – drums

Jeff Porcaro – drums

Jerry Peterson – saxophones

Earl Lon Price – tenor saxophone

Kenneth Tussing – trombone

Timothy B. Schmit – backing vocals

Joe Walsh – producer

Keith Olsen – producer

Although unaccredited, Walsh (in a June 2012 interview on Howard Stern) stated that Stevie Nicks "rode shotgun" with him during the production of this album.

Keith Olsen – engineer

Dennis Sager – engineer

Goodnight LA Studios (Van Nuys, California) – recording and mixing location

Greg Fulginiti – mastering at Artisan Sound Recorders (Hollywood, California)

Hugh Kent Brown – art direction, design

Caspar David Friedrich – paintings

The titles of the paintings by Friedrich:

Front cover: "Zwei Männer in Betrachtung des Mondes" (English: Two Men Contemplating the Moon)

Back cover: "Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer" (English: Wanderer above the Sea of Fog)

The Confessor is the 7th solo studio album by American rock musician Joe Walsh, released on May 21, 1985 by Warner Bros. Records, and Full Moon Records. It was produced by Grammy Award-winning producer and sound engineer Keith Olsen as well as Walsh himself. The album peaked at number 65 on the Billboard 200.

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