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Septicflesh - Mystic Places of Dawn (1994)

Septicflesh - Mystic Places of Dawn (1994)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Mystic Places of Dawn"   6:12
2. "Pale Beauty of the Past"   5:56
3. "Return to Carthage"   3:38
4. "Crescent Moon"   8:24
5. "Chasing the Chimera"   4:50
6. "The Underwater Garden"   6:50
7. "Behind the Iron Mask"   3:11
8. "(Morpheus) the Dreamlord"   6:52
9. "Mythos (Part I: Elegy - Part II: Time Unbounded)"   8:48

2002 and 2013 reissues bonus tracks
10. "Erebus"   5:26
11. "Another Reality"   4:41
12. "Temple of the Lost Race"   7:24
13. "Setting of the Two Suns"   4:07

Septicflesh Band Members / Musicians
Septic Flesh – production
Spiros A. – bass, vocals, artwork
Sotiris V. – guitars, vocals, keyboards
Christos A. – guitars, keyboards (track 9)
Jim – drums
Nick Adams – drums (track 8)
Magus Wampyr Daoloth – additional howls (track 3)
George "Magus Wampyr Daoloth" Zaharopoulos – production, engineering (tracks 1 – 7, 9)
Antonis Delaportas – production, engineering (track 8)

Mystic Places of Dawn is the first album by Septic Flesh, released in 1994.

The album was reissued in 2002 with the Temple of the Lost Race EP as bonus tracks and then again in 2013 by Seasons of Mist. Though someone named "Jim" is credited for drums, in fact all drums were programmed, with the exception of "Morpheus (the Dreamlord)", which features drumming by Nick Adams (who also performed session work for the Greek black metal act Necromantia).

The cover art on the vinyl edition was by Boris Vallejo.

Septicflesh (formerly known as Septic Flesh) are a Greek death metal band from Athens, founded in 1990.

Septicflesh were formed in Athens in March 1990 by Sotiris Vayenas (guitar), Spiros Antoniou (bass and vocals), and Christos Antoniou (guitars). They released a debut EP, Temple of the Lost Race in December with Black Power Records, 1991. The band recorded their first full-length album, Mystic Places of Dawn, in April 1994 at the Storm studio with the co-production of Magus Wampyr Daoloth (who had been the keyboardist for Rotting Christ). released by Holy Records. They started working on a new album for 1995 and named it Esoptron. It was produced by Septic Flesh and George Zacharopoulos, recorded and mixed at Storm Studios in March - April 1995, mastered by Sonic Contact (France), and released by Holy Records

Session vocalist Natalie Rassoulis joined for The Ophidian Wheel (1997) and again for A Fallen Temple (1998).

Septicflesh Band Members / Musicians

Spiros "Seth Siro Anton" Antoniou – unclean vocals, bass (1990–2003, 2007–present)

Sotiris Vayenas "Sotiris Anunnaki V." – clean vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, lyrics (1990–2003, 2007–present)

Christos Antoniou – lead guitar, orchestrations, samples (1990–2003, 2007–present)

Kerim "Krimh" Lechner – drums (2014–present)

Dinos "Psychon" Prassas – rhythm guitar (2018–present; touring 2008–2018)

Dimitris Valasopoulos – drums (1990–1991)

Akis "Lethe" Kapranos – drums (1999–2003)

Mohammad Mirboland – drums (1996–1998)

George "Magus Wampyr Daoloth" Zaharopoulos – keyboards (2001–2003)

Fotis Gianakopoulos – drums (2003, 2007–2014)

Kostas Savvidis – drums (1993–1997)

Natalie Rassoulis – vocals (1997–1998)

Bob Katsionis – keyboards (2003)

Septicflesh Discography Full

1994 Mystic Places of Dawn
1995 Esoptron
1997 Ophidian Wheel
1998 A Fallen Temple
1999 Revolution DNA
2003 Sumerian Daemons
2008 Communion
2011 The Great Mass
2014 Titan
2017 Codex Omega
2022 Modern Primitive

1991 Temple of the Lost Race
1998 The Eldest Cosmonaut

2010 "The Vampire from Nazareth"
2014 "Order of Dracul"

Live albums
Live in Toulouse (June 20, 2014, Season of Mist, DL/Bonus CD)
Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX (July 31, 2020, Season of Mist, CD/LP/DL & DVD/Blu-Ray)

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