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Widowmaker - Widowmaker (1976)

Widowmaker - Widowmaker (1976)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Such a Shame" (Daisley)

"Pin a Rose on Me" (Ellis, Grosvenor, Nichols)

"On the Road" (Ellis, Grosvenor, Nichols)

"Straight Faced Fighter" (Ellis)

"Ain't Telling You Nothing" (Bender, Ellis)

"When I Met You" (Grosvenor)

"Leave the Kids Alone" (Ellis)

"Shine a Light On Me" (Grosvenor, Wright)

"Running Free" (John Farnham)

"Got a Dream" (Daisley)

Widowmaker Band Members / Musicians

Steve Ellis – vocals

Ariel Bender – guitar

Huw Lloyd-Langton – guitar

Bob Daisley – bass

Paul Nicholls – drums

Bobby Tench – vocals

Zoot Money – keyboards


"On the Road" / "Pin a Rose on Me" (1976, Jet JET 766)

"When I Met You" / "Pin a Rose on Me" (1976, Jet JET 767)

"Pin a Rose on Me" / "On the Road" (1976, Jet JET 782)

Widowmaker was debut album by the English hard rock band Widowmaker, which was released in February 1976. Widowmaker reached #196 in US and featured an eclectic mix of blues, country, folk and hard rock.

Widowmaker were a British hard rock group, active from 1975 to 1977. They were considered by many to be a supergroup and released two albums. Although their influences appeared to offer vast creative possibilities, musical and personality differences led to their break-up. The legacy of Widowmaker is captured on the compilation Straight Faced Fighters (2002) released by Castle, which includes tracks from both of their albums.

Widowmaker Discography Full

1976 Widowmaker, Jet 2310 432

1977 Too Late to Cry

2002 Straight Faced Fighters (compilation, includes previously unreleased radio sessions)

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