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Amaral - Amaral (1998)

Amaral - Amaral (1998)

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"Rosita" (Rosita) – 2:55

"Un día más" (One more day) - 4:21

"Voy a acabar contigo" (I'm gonna finish with you) - 3:52

"Cara a cara" (Face to face) - 3:23

"Tardes" (Afternoons) - 4:06

"No existen los milagros" (Miracles do not exist) - 3:41

"Lo quiero oír de tu boca" (I want to hear it from your mouth) - 3:35

"Habla" (Talk) - 3:17

"1997" (1997) - 3:36

"Dile a la rabia" (Tell the anger) - 4:30

"Soy lo que soy" (I am what I am) - 3:18

"No sé que hacer con mi vida" (I don't know what to do with my life) - 3:01

"Mercado negro" (Black market) - 4:46

Amaral is the 1st studio album by the Spanish folk rock group Amaral released in 1998 in Spain.

Amaral is a Spanish rock duo from Zaragoza, who have sold more than four million albums worldwide. The band consists of Eva Amaral (vocals) and Juan Aguirre (guitar), who write their songs together. Amaral and Aguirre met in 1992 in a bar in Zaragoza. She played drums in a local punk rock band called Bandera Blanca and also sang with Acid Rain. Aguirre was playing with a band called Días de Vino y Rosas at the time. Soon after they met, the two decided to play together and perform their own material. In 1997, they moved to Madrid and signed a major deal with EMI. Amaral's musical style is often called pop rock, but it is often fused with Latin beats, folk rock, synthesizers, complex poetic lyrics, and in particular, traditional Spanish folk music. Their distinctive style was described by Juan as folk, "and the person who has heard a lot of folk and traditional music will listen and understand, but I think our attitude to life is rather that of a rock group."

Amaroal Discography Full

1998 Amaral

2000 Una pequeña parte del mundo

2002 Estrella de mar

2005 Pájaros en la cabeza

2008 Gato negro◆Dragón rojo (double album)

2011 Hacia lo salvaje

2015 Nocturnal

2019 Salto al color

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