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Ángeles del Infierno - Pacto con el Diablo (1984)

Ángeles del Infierno - Pacto con el Diablo (1984)

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Angeles Del Infierno (Spanish for Angels from Hell or Hell Angels) is a heavy metal band from Basque Country, Spain, formed in 1980. Signing with Warner Bros. Records in 1984, they achieved success in their home country and Latin America during the 1980s and the early 1990s. In 2003, the band reformed and signed back onto Warner Bros. Records, releasing Todos Somos Angeles later that year.

Angeles Del Infierno was formed by Robert Alvarez and Santi Rubio in 1978 in San Sebastian with:

Ángeles del Infierno released their first album, Pacto con el Diablo (Pact with the Devil), in 1984. They immediately had success in terms of both, record sales and critical reception. They scored several hits with songs like their anthem "Maldito sea tu nombre".

Ángeles del Infierno Band Members / Musicians

Juan Gallardo: voice

Robert Alvarez: guitar

Foley: guitar

Emilio Villareal: bass

Eddie: Keyboard

Gerardo Garcia: Drums

Ángeles del Infierno Discography Full

1984 Pacto con el Diablo

1985 Diabolicca

1986 Instinto Animal

1986 Joven Para Morir

1987 Lo Mejor de Ángeles del Infierno

1988 666 

1993 A Cara o Cruz

1997 Lo Mejor de Ángeles del Infierno: 1984-1993

2001 Éxitos Diabólicos

2002 Discografía 1984-93

2003 Todos somos Ángeles

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