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Holly Woods & Toronto - Assault & Flattery (1984)

Holly Woods & Toronto - Assault & Flattery (1984)

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Side 1

"New Romance" (Holly Knight, Anton Fig) - 3:35

"Kerry Anne" (Holly Woods, Scott Kreyer, Mike Gingrich) - 4:43

"Sometimes Change" (Woods, Kreyer) - 4:06

"Look What's Showing Through" (Eddie Schwartz) - 4:41

"Bang Your Head" (Woods, Kreyer, Gingrich, Jeff Gilhart) - 3:42

Side 2

"Desperation" (Woods, Kreyer, Paul Hanna, Daryl Alvaro, Gingrich) - 4:56

"Assault and Flattery" (Woods, Kreyer, Tim McCauley, Gingrich) - 3:39

"Cats & Dogs (Stealin')" (Woods, Kreyer, Gingrich) - 3:25

"No More Cliches" (Woods, Brian MacLeod) - 4:21

CD version bonus track

"Where Are We Now?"


Toronto Band Members / Musicians

Holly Woods - lead and backing vocals, co-producer

Scott Kreyer - keyboards, co-producer

Marty Walsh - lead and rhythm guitars

Mike Gingrich - bass guitar

Paul Hanna - drums

Additional musicians

Daryl Alvaro - additional guitars

Tim McCauley - additional keyboards, programming, producer

Phil Kenzie - saxophone

Lenny Castro - percussion

John Coury - backing vocals and vocal arrangements

Cele Bullard, Nick Cerro, Liz Lausanne - backing vocals

Darby Mills - vocals on the duet "Cats & Dogs (Stealin')"

Brian MacLeod - lead guitar on "Cats & Dogs (Stealin')", producer and mixing on track 9


Mike Flicker - producer

Tony Bongiovi - mixing

Assault & Flattery is Toronto's 6th and final album, released in 1984. The album features only two original band members, Anne "Holly" Woods and Scott Kreyer. Released as "Holly Woods & Toronto" which hints at Holly's increasing control and autonomy in the band at this time. The album was produced by Mike Flicker who produced five albums for Heart - the band Toronto are most often compared to. The CD release includes the bonus track "Where Are We Now?" - which was also performed by Holly herself, as a solo artist, on her CD Live It Up!.

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