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Nite City - Golden Days Diamond Nights (1978)

Nite City - Golden Days Diamond Nights (1978)

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"Riding on the Wings of Love" (Jimmy Hunter, Paul Warren, Ray Manzarek) - 3:38

"The Dreamer" (Paul Warren, Ray Manzarek) - 6:21

"Holy Music" (Champion, Paul Warren) - 5:04

"Ain't Got the Time" (Nigel Harrison, Ray Manzarek) - 3:13

"Die High" (Paul Warren) - 4:49

"Blinded by Love" (Noah James, Paul Warren) - 4:39

"Barcelona" (Nigel Harrison) - 3:29

"America" (Ray Manzarek) - 8:33

Nite City Band Members / Musicians
Ray Manzarek - keyboards, vocals
Paul Warren - guitar, lead vocals
Nigel Harrison - bass
Jimmy Hunter - drums, backing vocals

Leonard Kovner - engineer

Golden Days Diamond Nights is the 2nd and final studio album by the American rock band Nite City, a band that was formed by former Doors' member and keyboardist Ray Manzarek. As with the band's self titled debut and live album, entitled Starwood Club, Los Angeles. 02/23/1977, Golden Days Diamond Nights sold poorly and the group disbanded shortly after the album's release.

The album's title is taken from lyrics to "Get Up and Dance," a song from the Doors' Full Circle, and "Perfumed Garden," a song from Manzarek's solo album The Whole Thing Started with Rock & Roll Now It's Out of Control.

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