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Rhino Bucket - Pain & Suffering (2007)

Rhino Bucket - Pain & Suffering (2007)

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Pain  (4:34) 

I Stand Before You  (6:14) 

Too Much Talk  (4:36) 

Blow by Blow  (4:27) 

Mad Maggie  (3:38) 

Bird on a Wire  (5:25) 

What'd You Expect  (4:48) 

I Was Told  (3:47) 

The Hard Grind  (4:16) 

World Gone Made  (5:06) 

Bonus Tracks:

Ain't Got Solutions (demo of unreleased song)  (3:42) 

Head Above Water (demo of unreleased song)  (4:20) 

Knife in You (demo of unreleased song)  (4:27) 

Swingin' with Sally (live)  (3:37) 

Bastard (unreleased song)  (5:24) 

Pain & Suffering is an album by Rhino Bucket, released on February 6, 2007. It is a reissue of the 1994 album Pain, their first effort with Simon Wright as drummer. The "Suffering" section of the album consists of previously unreleased songs, including the band's only recorded cover song, "Bastard", and their favorite live song "Swingin' With Sally."

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