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Sharks - First Water (1973)

Sharks - First Water (1973)

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Sharks are a British rock band formed in 1972 by former Free bassist Andy Fraser upon his departure from Free. They were signed to Island Records and were highly rated by critics, especially for Chris Spedding's guitar work.

The original line-up consisted of Fraser (bass, piano), Snips (real name, Steve Parsons) (vocals), Spedding (guitar) and Marty Simon (drums).

Sharks Discography Full
1973 First Water
1974 Jab It in Yore Eye
2016 Music Breakout (produced in 1974, but unissued. Released in 2016, under the title Car Crash Tapes)
1995 Like a Black Van Parked on a Dark Curve
2017 Killers of the Deep
2018 Ready Set Go

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