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The Horrors - Strange House (2007)

The Horrors - Strange House (2007)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Jack the Ripper" – 3:00 (Screaming Lord Sutch cover)

"Count in Fives" – 3:13

"Draw Japan" – 3:23

"Gloves" – 3:46

"Excellent Choice" – 2:53
On the US edition, "Excellent Choice" is replaced by "Horrors Theme"

"Little Victories" – 2:40

"She Is the New Thing" – 3:21

"Sheena Is a Parasite" – 1:42

"Thunderclaps" – 3:06

"Gil Sleeping" – 4:51

"A Train Roars" – 3:54
On UK editions of the album, there are three minutes of silence in the pregap preceding "Death at the Chapel"

"Death at the Chapel" (UK bonus track) – 2:19

Special Edition bonus DVD
"Sheena Is a Parasite"
"Count in Fives"
Live in London, 21 September 2006 (Underage Club at Coronet Theatre)
"Jack the Ripper"
"Count in Fives"
"Horrors Theme"
"Death at the Chapel"
"Sheena Is a Parasite"
"A Knife in the Eye"
"Count in Fives" (Reprise)
Live in New York, 2 November 2006 (The Annex)
"Horrors Theme"
"Crawdaddy Simone"
Live in Tokyo, 20 December 2006 (The Astrohall)
"Count in Fives"

Strange House is the debut studio album by English rock band the Horrors, released on 5 March 2007 by Loog Records.

The Horrors are an English rock band formed in Southend-on-Sea in 2005, consisting of lead vocalist Faris Badwan, guitarist Joshua Hayward, keyboardist and synthesizer player Tom Furse, bassist Rhys Webb, and drummer and percussionist Joe Spurgeon. Their music has been classified as garage rock, garage punk, gothic rock, shoegaze and post-punk revival.

The band have released five studio albums: Strange House (2007), Primary Colours (2009), Skying (2011), Luminous (2014) and V (2017) all of which charted within the UK Top 40.

The Horrors Band Members / Musicians

Faris Badwan (aka Faris Rotter) – lead vocals

Tom Furse – keyboards, synthesiser, bass, percussion

Joshua Hayward (aka Joshua Von Grimm and Joshua Third) – guitar, piano

Joe Spurgeon (aka Coffin Joe) – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Rhys Webb (aka Spider Webb) – bass, keyboards, organ, percussion, backing vocals

The Horrors Discography Full
2007 Strange House
2009 Primary Colours
2011 Skying
2014 Luminous
2017 V

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