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Toronto - Get It on Credit (1982)

Toronto - Get It on Credit (1982)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side 1

"Break Down the Barricades" (Brian Allen, Holly Woods, Scott Kreyer, Sheron Alton) - 5:08

"Your Daddy Don't Know" (Geoffrey Iwamoto, Michael Roth) - 3:17

"Start Tellin' the Truth" (Allen) - 4:27

"You're a Mystery to Me" (Allen, Jim Vallance, Kreyer) - 3:30

"Don't Walk Away" (Allen, Vallance, Kreyer) - 4:12

Side 2

"Get It on Credit" (Allen) - 3:19

"Sick and Tired" (Woods, Kreyer) - 3:00

"Ya Love ta Love" (Allen) - 4:09

"Why Can't We Talk?" (Allen) - 3:34

"Run for Your Life" (Allen, Woods, Kreyer, Alton) - 4:38

CD issue bonus tracks

"What About Love" (Allen, Vallance, Alton) - 3:58

"Across the Border" (Allen, Woods, Kreyer, Alton) - 3:55

Toronto Band Members / Musicians

Holly Woods - lead vocals

Sheron Alton - rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Brian Allen - lead guitar

Scott Kreyer - keyboards, backing vocals

Gary LaLonde - bass guitar

Barry Connors - drums

Steve Smith - producer, engineer

Jim Frank - engineer

Mike Baskerville - assistant engineer

Bernie Grundman - mastering

Jim Vallance - arrangements

Get It on Credit is the 3rd studio album by Canadian rock band Toronto, released in 1982. Both original members, Nick Costello and Jim Fox, left the band prior to this release, to be replaced by Gary LaLonde and Barry Connors respectively. LaLonde later joined Honeymoon Suite, while Connors went on to work with Toronto-based quartet Coney Hatch.

The CD release features two bonus tracks that did not make the cut for the original album of 1982: "What About Love" and "Across the Border". "What About Love" was later recorded by Heart in 1985 and would become a top 10 hit on the Billboard charts.

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