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Valient Thorr - Stranded on Earth (2003)

Valient Thorr - Stranded on Earth (2003)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"One Tuff Customer"
"Bigger Badder"
"Time Zone"
"The Apprentice"
"Don’t Stop"
"Running The Gauntlet"
"Swallows Of Love"
"Walk On Wine"
"Stranded On Earth"
"Ballad of the Morning Star"

Stranded on Earth is an album by Valient Thorr, released in 2003.

Valient Thorr is an American southern rock/heavy metal band from Greenville, North Carolina. The name of the band is based on the urban legend of Valiant Thor, an Alien which came from Venus to Earth. Valient explained, "That'll be the background for the band! We're from space ...".

Valient Thorr Band Members / Musicians

Herbie "VALIENT HIMSELF" Abernethy – vocals (2000–present)

Bennie "EIDAN THORR" Powell – guitars (2001–present)

Tyler "DR. PROFESSOR NITEWOLF STRANGEES" Wolf – bass (2000–2014, 2018–present)

Pete "DEIMOS THORR" Macy – guitars (2015–present)

Chris "IGGY THORR" Sample – drums (2015–present)

Jason "LUCIAN THORR" Aylward – drums (2003–2015, 2018–present)

James "SADAT THORR" Yopp
Jeff "DONN THORR" Haswell
Ryan "JJINN THORR" Price
Brandon "BJORN THORR" Hoy
Mark "ODINN THORR" Maxwell
Storm "STORM THORR" Castaneda
Warren "VOIDEN THORR" Hatfield

Valient Thorr Discography Full
2003 Stranded on Earth
2005 Total Universe Man
2006 Legend of the World
2008 Immortalizer
2008 In Heat (DVD)
2010 Stranger
2012 Beast with a Billion Eyes
2013 Our Own Masters
2016 Old Salt

Television appearances
Fuse TV, Warped Tour special (behind the scenes)
G4 TV, Attack of the Show! (performance)
Warped: Inside and Out (six episode show on Fuse) – four episodes (performance, and behind the scenes, narration)
Game Head, episode from The Warped Tour
Daily Habit, episode on Fuel TV
Fuel TV, episode of Check 1,2

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