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Death - Human (1991)

Death - Human (1991)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Flattening of Emotions"   4:28
2. "Suicide Machine"   4:23
3. "Together as One"   4:10
4. "Secret Face"   4:39
5. "Lack of Comprehension"   3:43
6. "See Through Dreams"   4:39
7. "Cosmic Sea" (instrumental)   4:27
8. "Vacant Planets"   3:52
Total length:   34:21

Japanese bonus track
9. "God of Thunder" (Paul Stanley) (Kiss cover)   4:00

Total length:   38:21

Death Band Members / Musicians
Chuck Schuldiner – vocals, guitars
Paul Masvidal – guitars
Steve Di Giorgio – bass
Sean Reinert – drums

Scott Carino – additional bass (on "Cosmic Sea")
Bill Andrews – drums (August 1990 rehearsal)
Terry Butler – bass (August 1990 rehearsal)

Chuck Schuldiner – production
Scott Burns – producer, engineer, mixing
Michael Fuller – mastering (original release)
Jim Morris – remixing (2011 reissue)
Alan Douches – mastering (2011 reissue)
René Miville – artwork
Tim Hubbard – photography
David Bett – art direction
Jacob Speis – layout

Human is the 4th studio album by American death metal band Death, released on October 22, 1991, by Relativity Records. The album marked the beginning of a major stylistic change for Death, being more technically complex and progressive than the band's previous efforts. The lyrics are more introspective when compared to the gore-based lyrics of Scream Bloody Gore and Leprosy or the social commentary on Spiritual Healing. This new style would continue to evolve on all following Death albums. This is the only album to feature Cynic members Paul Masvidal on guitars and Sean Reinert on drums, both 20 at the time, and the first to feature bassist Steve DiGiorgio. 

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