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Dizzy Mizz Lizzy - Livegasm! (2017)

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy - Livegasm! (2017)

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Record one

Side one
1. "Forward in Reverse"   5:24
2. "Terrified in Paradise"   3:53
3. "Brainless"   4:35
4. "Barbedwired Baby's Dream"   4:55

Side two
5. "Glory"   6:19
6. "Love is a Loser's Game"   4:31
7. "Love at Second Sight"   4:20
8. "Made to Believe"   4:45

Record two

Side three
9. "Rotator"   3:19
10. "67 Seas in Your Eyes"   8:49
11. "Say It to Me Anyway"   7:20

Side four
12. "Waterline"   5:01
13. "Mindgasm"   4:00
14. "Silverflame"   5:24
15. "I Would If I Could But I Can't"   5:24

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Band Members / Musicians

Tim Christensen – guitar, vocals, songwriting
Martin Nielsen – bass
Søren Friis – drums

Rune Nissen-Petersen – editor (at SortHus Recording Facility, Copenhagen, Denmark)

Tomas Johansson – mastering (at The Panic Room, Skövde, Sweden)

Jacob Hansen – mixing (at Hansen Studios, Ribe, Denmark)

Live crew
Paul Hammann – FOH engineer
Daniel Devantier – monitor engineer, recording engineer
Kasper Lange – lighting design
Robert Roos – production management
Arild Nordgaard – guitar technician
Vagn Olsen – technician
Mif Damgaard – tour manager, production management

Vibeke Nørskov (Nutwood Nest) – cover art designer
Michael Boe Laigard – photography
Henrik Seifert – booking, management

Livegasm! is the 3rd live album by the Danish power rock band Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, released on 29 November 2017 in Japan, and on 8 December 2017 in Denmark on double vinyl and as digital album on Columbia Records. It instantly became the best sold vinyl record in Denmark in 2017.

The songs are a compilation of recordings from three festival shows by the band in the summer of 2016, with the tracks predominantly originating from their show at the Roskilde Festival in Roskilde (Denmark). Additional tracks were recorded at Tinderbox in Odense, Denmark and Målrock in Årdal, Norway. It includes songs that have not been recorded live before.

The album title is derived from the song Mindgasm on the band's 2016 album Forward in Reverse. 

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