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Pulp - It (1983)

Pulp - It (1983)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side 1
"My Lighthouse" (Cocker, Simon Hinkler) – 3:30
"Wishful Thinking" – 4:17
"Joking Aside" – 4:20
"Boats and Trains" – 1:34

Side 2
"Blue Girls" – 5:56
"Love Love" – 3:09
"In Many Ways" – 2:46

Bonus tracks
Fire Records 1994 reissue

"Looking for Life" (B-side to "My Lighthouse" single) – 5:29

Fire Records 2012 reissue
"My Lighthouse" (single version) – 3:28
"Please Don't Worry" – 3:24
"Blue Girls" (alternative mix) – 6:05
"Sink or Swim" – 4:02

Pulp Band Members / Musicians
Jarvis Cocker: Vocals, guitar
Simon Hinkler: Bass, piano, guitar, mandolin
Peter Boam: Guitar, keyboards, piano
David Hinkler: Keyboards, trombone
Wayne Furniss: Guitar, bass
Garry Wilson (credited as "Beefy Garry O"): Drums

Mister Barry Thompson: flute, clarinet
Jill Taylor: backing vocals
Saskia Cocker: backing vocals
Jon Short: cello
Joanne, Julie and Alison: chatter and recorders

It is the debut studio album by English rock band Pulp, released on 18 April 1983 by Red Rhino Records.

It was originally released as a limited vinyl mini-LP of 2.000 copies in April 1983. The album's odd title is in fact a deliberate pun, as when it added to the name of the band it spells the word "Pulpit".

The first reissue on CD was by Cherry Red in February 1994 with three bonus tracks ("Looking for Life", "Everybody's Problem" and "There Was..."). However, this release was soon deleted as Cherry Red did not own the material. Later that year Fire Records made its own re-release in November 1994, but without "Everybody's Problem" and "There Was..." as bonus tracks. The album existed in this form for all subsequent releases.

The album was reissued and remastered by Fire Records in 2012 along with Pulp's 1987's Freaks and 1992's Separations. This re-release took several delays as the first stated release date was 8 August 2011 while the albums finally came out on 13 February 2012. An announcement in the interim stated that the albums would be remastered with new bonus tracks to be added to the track listings as well as new artwork and liner notes from music journalist Everett True.

Pulp are an English rock band formed in Sheffield in 1978. At their critical and commercial peak, the band consisted of Jarvis Cocker (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Russell Senior (guitar, violin), Candida Doyle (keyboards), Nick Banks (drums, percussion), Steve Mackey (bass) and Mark Webber (guitar, keyboards).

Pulp Discography Full
1990 GodWeenSatan: The Oneness
1991 The Pod
1992 Pure Guava
1994 Chocolate and Cheese
1996 12 Golden Country Greats
1997 The Mollusk
2000White Pepper
2003 Quebec
2007 La Cucaracha 

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