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RC Succession - Shoki no RC Succession (1972)

RC Succession - Shoki no RC Succession (1972)

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RC Succession (Japanese: RCサクセション, Hepburn: Āru Shī Sakuseshon) was an influential Japanese rock band from Tokyo, formed in 1968. One of Japan's longest-running bands, it went through many line-up changes over the years with front man Kiyoshiro Imawano and bassist Kazuo Kobayashi the only constant members, before disbanding in January 1991.

In 2003, HMV Japan ranked RC Succession at No. 16 on their list of the "Top 100 Japanese Pops Artists". In September 2007, Rolling Stone Japan rated their 1980 live album Rhapsody at No. 2 and their 1988 cover album Covers at No. 41 on its list of the "100 Greatest Japanese Rock Albums of All Time". Covers was named number 1 on Bounce's 2009 list of "54 Standard Japanese Rock Albums".

RC Succession Band Members Musicians

Kiyoshiro Imawano - vocals, guitar (1968–1991)

Kazuo Kobayashi - bass (1968–1991)

Reichi Nakaido - lead guitar, vocals (1978–1991)

Hirofumi Kasuga - guitar, drums (1978, 1990–1991)

Rei Atsumi - keyboards (1990–1991)

Kenchi Haren - guitar (1968–1977)

Kozo Niida - drums (1978–1990)

Ginji Ogawa - guitar (1979–1980)

Gee2Woo - keyboards (1980–1990)

RC Succession Discography Full

1972 Shoki no RC Succession (Toshiba)

1972 Tanoshii Yube Ni (Toshiba)

1976 Single Man (Polydor)

1980 Rhapsody (Kitty) [live album]

1980 Please (Kitty)

1981 Blue (Kitty)

1982 Beat Pops (London)

1983 OK (London)

1983 King of Live (London) [live album]

1984 Feel So Bad (Toshiba EMI)

1985 Heart Ace (Toshiba EMI)

1986 the TEARS OF a CLOWN (Toshiba EMI) [live album]

1988 Marvy (Toshiba EMI)

1988 Covers (Kitty) [cover album]

1988 Cobra No Nayami (Toshiba EMI) [live album]

1990 Baby a Go Go (Toshiba EMI)


1981 EPLP (Toshiba EMI)

1984 EPLP-2 (Toshiba EMI)

1990 Best of RC Succession 1970-1980 (Toshiba EMI)

1990 Best of RC Succession 1981-1990 (Toshiba EMI)

2002 Golden Best (EMI Music Japan)

2005 Wonderful Days 1970-80 (USM Japan)

2005 Greatful Days 1981-90 (USM Japan)

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