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Gregorian - Sadisfaction (1991)

Gregorian - Sadisfaction - Released Year 1991

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"Watcha Gonna Do" (F. Gregorian, Wehr) – 4:04
"Once in a Lifetime" (F. Gregorian, Schwarz, Meissner) – 4:09 About this soundsample (help·info)
"So Sad" (F. Gregorian) – 3:36
"Forever" (F. Gregorian, Wehr, Hagel) – 3:08
"The Quiet Self" (F. Gregorian) – 5:29
"Reflect" (F. Gregorian) – 2:53
"Monastery" (F. Gregorian) – 3:19
"Gonna Make You Mine" (Shwarz, F. Gregorian, Meissner) – 3:16
"You Take My Breath Away" (F. Gregorian) – 4:26
"I Love You" (Schwarz, F. Gregorian, Meissner) – 3:29
"Why Did You Go (I Feel Sad)" (Wehr, Hagel) – 3:45
"The Mission" (Wehr) – 3:15

"Depressions" (F. Gregorian) – 2:59

Originally, Gregorian was conceived as a more pop-oriented group in the vein of Enigma. Under this concept, they recorded this album, with lead vocals provided by The Sisters of Oz: Susana Espelleta (Frank Peterson's wife at the time) and Birgit Freud. However, this was the only album in that style, leading to the Masters of Chant albums.

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