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Deep Purple - Infinite (2017)

 Deep Purple - Infinite (2017)

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 Deep Purple - Infinite
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Standard edition
1. "Time for Bedlam"   4:35
2. "Hip Boots"   3:23
3. "All I Got is You"   4:42
4. "One Night in Vegas"   3:23
5. "Get Me Outta Here"   3:58
6. "The Surprising"   5:57
7. "Johnny's Band"   3:51
8. "On Top of the World"   4:01
9. "Birds of Prey"   5:47
10. "Roadhouse Blues" (writers: Jim Morrison music by The Doors)   6:00

Limited edition
11. "Paradise Bar"   4:10
12. "Simple Folk" (A Solo Guitar Improvisation by Steve Morse)   1:16
13. "Uncommon Man" (Previously Unreleased Instrumental Version)   6:58
14. "Above and Beyond" (Previously Unreleased Instrumental Version)   5:30
15. "Hip Boots" (Rehearsal, Ian Paice's Recording)   4:00
16. "Time for Bedlam" (First Take from the Album Recordings)   3:38

Bonus DVD
1. "From Here to Infinite" (The Movie)   96:14

Deep Purple Band Members / Musicians
Ian Gillan – vocals
Steve Morse – guitars
Roger Glover – bass
Ian Paice – drums
Don Airey – keyboards
Additional musicians

Bob Ezrin – additional keyboards, backing vocals & percussion
Tommy Denander – additional guitar (track 8)

Bob Ezrin – production, mixing
Justin Cortelyou – engineer, mixing
Bryce Roberts – additional engineering
Crispin Day – additional vocal recordings
Trevor Anderson – additional vocal recordings
Cody Robertson – assistant engineering
Tommy Denander – additional engineering
Doron Plascow – additional engineering
Piers Mortimer – additional engineering

Infinite (stylised as infinite) is the 20th studio album by English rock band Deep Purple, released on 7 April 2017.

A reviewer of Sputnikmusic commented "For all we know inFinite may very well be Deep Purple’s final stand and for what is worth, it cannot be compared with anything that the legendary act released in their heydays. However, try to think of bands that play like Deep Purple and you will probably fail to recognize even one. inFinite with all its limitations is an apotheosis of character and talent, the work of a group of men who feel comfortable in their own skin and comfortable with each other, which is weird to even fathom when we come to think of the history of the band. At the end of the day if this is how this story ends, it is a happy end after all." Paul Lester of Louder Sound stated "InFinite works best when Purple do what they do best: extrapolate and alchemize the blues and take it to new progressive heights".

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