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Marianne Faithfull - A Child's Adventure (1983)

Marianne Faithfull - A Child's Adventure (1983)

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1. "Times Square" Barry Reynolds 4:22
2. "The Blue Millionaire" Wally Badarou, Marianne Faithfull, Reynolds 5:35
3. "Falling from Grace" Ben Brierley, Faithfull 3:56
4. "Morning Come" Badarou, Faithfull 5:16
5. "Ashes in My Hand" Faithfull, Reynolds 4:51
6. "Running for Our Lives" Badarou, Faithfull, Reynolds 4:48
7. "Ireland" Faithfull, Reynolds 4:37
8. "She's Got a Problem" Caroline Blackwood, Brierley 3:55

A Child's Adventure is the tenth album by Marianne Faithfull, released on Island Records in 1983.

After two albums with Mark Mundy as producer, Marianne Faithfull recorded A Child's Adventure without a separate producer; the album was produced by backing musicians Wally Badarou and Barry Reynolds and engineer Harvey Goldberg. In an interview following the album's recording, she remarked, "On this album, because we didn't have a producer as such, we could really work closely together on the finer bits - the harmonics, which a producer often doesn't have the time for."

Faithfull had been performing "She's Got a Problem", a poem written by Caroline Blackwood and put to music by Faithfull's then-husband Ben Brierley, since 1978.

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