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Marilyn Manson - Portrait of an American Family (1994)

Marilyn Manson - Portrait of an American Family (1994)

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1. "Prelude (The Family Trip)" 1:20
2. "Cake and Sodomy"   3:46
3. "Lunchbox" 4:32
4. "Organ Grinder" 4:22
5. "Cyclops" 3:32
6. "Dope Hat" 4:18
7. "Get Your Gunn"  3:18
8. "Wrapped in Plastic" 5:35
9. "Dogma"    3:22
10. "Sweet Tooth"     5:03
11. "Snake Eyes and Sissies" 4:07
12. "My Monkey" Berkowitz 4:29
13. "Misery Machine" (“Misery Machine” ends at 5:09, an excerpt from “Desperate Living” is played until 5:28. Telephone ringing is heard for 7:10, until an answering machine message from an irate mother is heard at 12:38)   13:08

Portrait of an American Family is the debut studio album by American rock band Marilyn Manson, released on July 19, 1994 by Nothing and Interscope Records. The group was formed in 1989 by vocalist Marilyn Manson and guitarist Daisy Berkowitz, whose names were created by combining the given name of a pop culture icon with the surname of a serial killer: a naming convention which all other band members would conform to for the next seven years. The most prominent lineup of musicians during their formative years included keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy, bassist Gidget Gein and drummer Sara Lee Lucas.

The band's highly visualized concerts earned them a loyal fanbase in the South Florida punk and hardcore music scene, eventually gaining the attention of Nine Inch Nails vocalist Trent Reznor, who signed them to his Nothing Records vanity label. The album was initially produced by Roli Mosimann at Criteria Studios in Miami under the title The Manson Family Album. However, the band was unhappy with his production, and this material was then re-produced and remixed in various Los Angeles recording studios by Manson and Reznor, along with assistant producers Sean Beavan and Alan Moulder. Parts of the album were re-recorded at Reznor's home studio at 10050 Cielo Drive, where members of the Manson Family infamously committed the Tate murders in 1969.

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