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The Doors - The Soft Parade (1969)

 The Doors - The Soft Parade - Released Year 1969

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Side one
1. "Tell All the People" 3:21
2. "Touch Me" 3:12
3. "Shaman's Blues" 4:49
4. "Do It" 3:08
5. "Easy Ride" 2:43

Side two
1. "Wild Child" 2:36
2. "Runnin' Blue" 2:27
3. "Wishful Sinful" 2:58
4. "The Soft Parade" 8:36

The Soft Parade is the 4th studio album by American rock band the Doors, released on July 18, 1969, by Elektra Records. Most of the album was recorded following a grueling tour during which the band was left with little time to compose new material. Producer Paul A. Rothchild recommended a total departure from the Doors' first three albums: develop a fuller sound by incorporating brass and string arrangements provided by Paul Harris. Lead singer Jim Morrison, who was dealing with personal issues and focusing more on his poetry, was less involved in the songwriting process, leaving guitarist Robby Krieger to increase his own creative output.

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