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The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main St.(1972)

The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main St. - Released Year 1972

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one
1. "Rocks Off"   4:31
2. "Rip This Joint"   2:22
3. "Shake Your Hips"   2:59
4. "Casino Boogie"   3:33
5. "Tumbling Dice"   3:45

Side two
1. "Sweet Virginia"   4:27
2. "Torn and Frayed"   4:17
3. "Sweet Black Angel"   2:54
4. "Loving Cup"   4:25

Side three
1. "Happy"   3:04
2. "Turd on the Run"   2:36
3. "Ventilator Blues"   3:24
4. "I Just Want to See His Face"   2:52
5. "Let It Loose"   5:16

Side four
1. "All Down the Line"   3:49
2. "Stop Breaking Down"   4:34
3. "Shine a Light"   4:14
4. "Soul Survivor"   3:49

2010 reissue bonus disc
1. "Pass the Wine (Sophia Loren)"   4:54
2. "Plundered My Soul"   3:59
3. "I'm Not Signifying"   3:55
4. "Following the River"   4:52
5. "Dancing in the Light"   4:21
6. "So Divine (Aladdin Story)"   4:32
7. "Loving Cup" (alternate take)   5:26
8. "Soul Survivor" (alternate take)   3:59
9. "Good Time Women"   3:21
10. "Title 5"  1:47
11. "All Down the Line" (alternate take; Japanese bonus track)   4:09

The Rolling Stones Band Members / Musicians

Mick Jagger – lead vocals, backing vocals; harmonica (on "Shake Your Hips", "Sweet Virginia", "Sweet Black Angel", "Turd on the Run" and "Stop Breaking Down"); electric guitar (on "Tumbling Dice" and "Stop Breaking Down")

Keith Richards – guitars, backing vocals; bass guitar (on "Casino Boogie", "Happy" and "Soul Survivor"); electric piano (on "I Just Want to See His Face"); lead vocals (on "Happy")

Mick Taylor – guitars (on all but "Tumbling Dice", "Torn and Frayed" and "Happy"); bass guitar (on "Tumbling Dice", "Torn and Frayed", "I Just Want to See His Face" and "Shine a Light")

Bill Wyman – bass guitar (on "Rocks Off", "Shake Your Hips", "Sweet Virginia", "Sweet Black Angel", "Loving Cup", "Ventilator Blues", "Let It Loose" and "Stop Breaking Down")

Charlie Watts – drums (on all tracks except "Tumbling Dice" (outro), "Happy" and "Shine a Light")

Nicky Hopkins – keyboards

Bobby Keys – tenor saxophone; percussion (on "Happy")

Jim Price – trumpet; organ (on "Torn and Frayed")

Ian Stewart – piano (on "Shake Your Hips", "Sweet Virginia" and "Stop Breaking Down")

Jimmy Miller – percussion (on "Sweet Black Angel", "Loving Cup", "I Just Want to See His Face" and "All Down the Line"), drums (on "Tumbling Dice" (outro), "Happy" and "Shine a Light")

Bill Plummer – double bass (on "Rip This Joint", "Turd on the Run", "I Just Want to See His Face" and "All Down the Line")

Billy Preston – piano, organ (on "Shine a Light")
Al Perkins – pedal steel guitar (on "Torn and Frayed")

Richard "Didymus" Washington – marimba (on "Sweet Black Angel")

Venetta Fields, Clydie King – backing vocals (on "Tumbling Dice", "I Just Want to See His Face", "Let It Loose" and "Shine a Light")

Joe Greene – backing vocals (on "Let It Loose" and "Shine a Light")

Jerry Kirkland – backing vocals (on "I Just Want to See His Face" and "Shine a Light")

Shirley Goodman, Tami Lynn, Mac Rebennack — backing vocals (on "Let It Loose")

Kathi McDonald – backing vocals (on "All Down the Line")

Glyn Johns – engineer

Andy Johns – engineer

Joe Zagarino – engineer (misspelled as "Zaganno" on the original credits)

Jeremy Gee – engineer

Doug Sax – mastering

Robert Frank – cover photography and concept

John Van Hamersveld – layout design

Norman Seeff – layout design

2010 bonus disc
Keith Richards – lead vocals (on "Soul Survivor (alternate)")

Lisa Fischer, Cindy Mizelle – backing vocals

David Campbell – string arrangement (on "Following the River")

Don Was and The Glimmer Twins – production

Bob Clearmountain – mixing

Exile on Main St. is the 10th British and 12th American studio album by the English rock band the Rolling Stones, released on 12 May 1972 by Rolling Stones Records. Recording began in 1969 in England during sessions for Sticky Fingers and continued in mid-1971 at a rented villa in the South of France named Nellcôte while the band lived abroad as tax exiles. A collage of various images, the album's artwork, according to frontman Mick Jagger, reflects the Rolling Stones as "runaway outlaws using the blues as its weapon against the world", showcasing "feeling of joyful isolation, grinning in the face of a scary and unknown future".

Working with a mobile recording studio, the loose and unorganised Nellcôte sessions went on for hours into the night, with personnel varying greatly from day to day. The recording was completed with overdub sessions at Los Angeles's Sunset Sound and included additional musicians such as pianist Nicky Hopkins, saxophonist Bobby Keys, drummer Jimmy Miller and horn player Jim Price. The resulting music was rooted in blues, rock and roll, swing, country and gospel, while the lyrics explored themes related to hedonism, sex and time. These newly recorded tracks were combined with some tracks recorded at earlier sessions from 1969–1971, resulting in the Stones' first double album.

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