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Bigbang - Frontside Rock'n'Roll (2002)

Bigbang - Frontside Rock'n'Roll (2002)

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"One of a Kind" – 4:23

"Fire and Oil" – 4:23

"Heaven and Stars Above" – 4:04

"Spiritual Heart Surgery" – 2:52

"Liquid Gold" – 3:33

"Mercedes" – 2:49

"Where the World Comes To An End" – 4:46

"Earphones" – 3:23

"The Elephant Man" – 3:49

"Frontside Rock'n'Roll" – 5:24

Øystein Greni - Lead vocals, guitars, piano, mandolin, woodwinds, drums, percussion

Nikolai Eilertsen - Bass, organ, piano, harmonica, brass, percussion, vocals

Olaf Olsen - drums, percussion

Stig Morten Sørheim - Percussion, vocals

Karim Sayed - vocals

Lars Håvard Haugen - guitar solo on #3

Frontside Rock'n'Roll is the fourth album by the Norwegian rock band BigBang, which was released in 2002.

This is the first album to be published outside Norway. Warner Music Germany also re-released the previous full-length Clouds Rolling By in the country. The first record to be released in Germany was actually Girl In Oslo EP '01 edition, also known as "Girl In Oslo (Europe)".

Øystein Greni wrote the song "Frontside Rock 'n' Roll" as a tribute to two of his skater friends, who had died the same year. "Frontside Rock 'n' Roll" is also the name of a skateboard trick, a discipline which Greni is a former European champion of. The song uses various skateboard trick references.

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