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Lucifer's Friend - Mind Exploding (1976)

Lucifer's Friend - Mind Exploding (1976)

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Side One

1. "Moonshine Rider" 4:47
2. "Blind Boy" 4:46
3. "Broken Toys"    5:53
4. "Fugitive"     4:55

Side Two

5. "Natural Born Mover" 4:24
6. "Free Hooker"     7:17
7. "Yesterday's Ideals"     6:54

John Lawton – lead vocals
Peter Hesslein – lead guitars, vocals
Peter Hecht – keyboards
Dieter Horns – bass guitar, vocals
Curt Cress – drums

Mind Exploding is the fifth album by Lucifer's Friend. This album marks the point where they returned to a more hard rock oriented style with less of a progressive rock sound. It is more or less the missing link between I'm Just a Rock & Roll Singer (1973) and Banquet (1974); with the hard rock driven sound of the former, it still has the occasional horn section and progressiveness of the latter.

This is the last album with John Lawton on vocals before he joined Uriah Heep. Lawton returned to Lucifer's Friend in 1981 to record the Mean Machine album.

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