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Lucifer's Friends - Banquet (1974)

Lucifer's Friends - Banquet (1974)

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1. "Spanish Galleon" 11:50
2. "Thus Spoke Oberon" 6:44
3. "High Flying Lady - Goodbye"  3:40
4. "Sorrow"    11:36
5. "Dirty Old Town" 4:46

John Lawton – lead vocals
Peter Hesslein – electric and acoustic guitars, 12-string guitar, percussion, backing vocals
Dieter Horns – bass, backing vocals
Herbert Bornhold – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Peter Hecht – piano, organ, Moog synthesizer, electric piano (Fender Rhodes)

Additional musicians

Herb Geller – alto saxophone (track 1), flute (track 4)
Karl-Hermann Lüer – baritone saxophone
Stefan Dobrzynski – tenor saxophone
Wilfried Schoberanzky – bassoon
Klaus Holle – flute
Franz Behle – oboe
Rolf Lind – French horn
Hans Alves – English horn
Kurt Donocik, Luigi Schaufub, Walter Hillinghaus – cello
Günter Fulisch, Heinz Reese, Waldemar Erbe, Wolfgang Ahlers – trombone
Bob Lanese, Heinz Habermann, Manfred Moch – trumpet
Bruno Korzuschek, Günter Grünig, Werner Knupke – viola
Fritz Köhnsen, Günter Klein, Günther Zander, Heinz Donocik, Helmut Jochens, Helmut Rahn, Ingeborg Kaufmann, Otto Kaufmann, Reinhold Gabriel, Senia Daschewski – violin
Dave Brian, Elvira Herbert, Sheila McKinley – choir

Banquet is the fourth album by German progressive rock band Lucifer's Friend, released in 1974. By this time there was no hard rock sound, it was now strictly progressive rock mixed with jazz fusion. The song "Our World Is a Rock 'n' Roll Band" was the opening track on some versions (i.e. the U.S. version) of the original LP release, but the only CD releases to date do not include this track, which can instead be found as a bonus track on the Repertoire Records CD release of their self-titled debut.

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