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Anekdoten - Vemod (1993)

Anekdoten - Vemod (1993)

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Anekdoten - Vemod

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"Karelia" – 7:20

"The Old Man & the Sea" – 7:50

"Where Solitude Remains" – 7:20

"Thoughts in Absence" – 4:10

"The Flow" – 6:58

"Longing" – 4:50

"Wheel" – 7:52

"Sad Rain" – 10:14 (Japanese bonus track)

Anekdoten Band Members / Musicians

Nicklas Berg (changed name to Nicklas Barker after marriage) - guitar, Mellotron

Anna Sofi Dahlberg - cello, Mellotron, vocals

Jan Erik Liljeström - bass guitar, vocals

Peter Nordins - percussives

Per Wiberg - piano

Pär Ekström - flugelhorn, cornet

Vemod is the title of the 1st studio album released by the Swedish art rock band Anekdoten. According to the Trivia page of the Anektdoten website, the word "vemod" means in Swedish "(...)[tender] sadness / melancholy."

Anekdoten is a Swedish progressive rock band, composed of guitarist/vocalist Nicklas Barker, cellist/keyboardist Anna Sofi Dahlberg, bassist/vocalist Jan Erik Liljeström and drummer Peter Nordins. They are notable for the use of the mellotron and their heavy sound dominated by a pounding bass guitar. Their music is associated with the tradition of 1970s progressive rock music, especially that of King Crimson. Since 2015 former The Church guitarist Marty Willson-Piper has been touring with the band.

Anekdoten Discography Full - Studio albums

Vemod (1993)

Nucleus (1995)

From Within (1999)

Gravity (2003)

A Time of Day (2007)

Until All The Ghosts Are Gone (2015)[3]


Chapters (2009)

Live Albums

Live EP (1997)

Official Bootleg: Live in Japan (1998)

Waking the Dead, Live in Japan 2005 (2005)

In 1998, Nicklas Barker and Peter Nordins of Anekdoten, along with Stefan Dimle (Landberk, Paatos) and Reine Fiske (Landberk, Morte Macabre, Paatos, The Guild) released the album Symphonic Holocaust. The album mostly consists of covered themes from horror movies, such as Cannibal Holocaust and Rosemary's Baby. The music is instrumental and characterised by improvisation and heavy use of mellotron and synthesizers.

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