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Badfinger - Head First (2000)

Badfinger - Head First (2000)

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Badfinger - Head First

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CD 1

"Lay Me Down" (Ham) – 3:35

"Hey, Mr. Manager" (Evans) – 3:34

"Keep Believing" (Ham) – 4:09

"Passed Fast" (Evans, Jackson) – 4:19

"Rock 'N' Roll Contract" (Evans) – 4:44

"Saville Row" (Ham) :36

"Moonshine" (Evans, Gibbins, Jackson) – 3:53

"Back Again" (Gibbins) – 2:54

"Turn Around" (Jackson) – 4:17

"Rockin' Machine" (Gibbins) – 1:32

CD 2

"Time Is Mine" (Ham) – 1:45

"Smokin' Gun" (Ham) – 1:22

"Old Fashioned Notions" (Gibbins) – 4:12

"Nothing to Show" (Ham) – 1:03

"You Ask Yourself Why" (Gibbins) – 2:17

"Keep Your Country Tidy" (Ham) – 2:23

"To Say Goodbye" (Jackson) – 3:46

"Queen of Darkness" (Evans) – 2:13

"I Can't Believe In" (Ham) – 2:10

"Thanks to You All" (Gibbins) – 2:41

"Lay Me Down" (Ham) – 2:55

Side one

"Lay Me Down"

"Turn Around"

"Keep Believing"

"Rockin' Machine"

"Passed Fast"

Side two

"Saville Row"


"Rock and Roll Contract"

"Back Again"

"Hey, Mr. Manager"

Badfinger Band Members / Musicians

Pete Ham: guitar, keyboards, vocals

Tom Evans: bass, synthesizer, vocals

Bob Jackson: guitar, keyboards, vocals

Mike Gibbins: drums, percussion, vocals

Head First is the 10th and final studio album to be released by British rock band Badfinger, released on 14 November 2000, but recorded 26 years earlier in December 1974–January 1975, at the Beatles' Apple Studios in London, although it was not released at the time. Originally intended to be Badfinger's eighth album (and third album under its six-album contract with Warner Bros. Records) (WB), the recordings were shelved when legal difficulties erupted between the band and WB that year, and the version that was finally released (as Badfinger's tenth studio album) was a rough mix of the album made in 1975 by Phil McDonald, one of the recording engineers at Apple Studios.

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