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Bob Seger - Ride Out (2014)

Bob Seger - Ride Out (2014)

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Bob Seger - Ride Out

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1. "Detroit Made"   3:46

2. "Hey Gypsy"   2:32

3. "The Devil's Right Hand"   3:49

4. "Ride Out"   3:07

5. "Adam and Eve"   3:12

6. "California Stars"   4:44

7. "It's Your World"   3:17

8. "All of the Roads"   3:34

9. "You Take Me In"   2:33

10. "Gates of Eden"   3:47

Total length:   34:21

Deluxe edition bonus tracks

11. "Listen" (feat. Vince Gill on vocals)   3:20

12. "The Fireman's Talkin"   2:44

13. "Let the Rivers Run"   3:51

Total length:   44:16

Target exclusive deluxe edition bonus tracks

11. "Listen" (feat. Vince Gill on vocals)   3:20

12. "The Fireman's Talkin"   2:44

13. "Let the Rivers Run"   3:51

14. "It All Goes On"   3:41

15. "Passing Through"   4:48

Total length:   53:04

Unused songs

Seger considered more than 70 songs for inclusion in the album; however, only ten tracks made it onto the final album. A number of titles of songs that Seger thought about including were mentioned at one point or another. Among other things, he talked about a "father-daughter" song called "Hannah" that was said to feature guest appearances by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. All three of them already collaborated on Kid Rock's song "Collide," which was released as a single from his 2010 album Born Free.

Another song that Seger talked about in interviews is "The Sea Inside," which he described as "very Led Zeppelin." Other songs he mentioned recording include "I'll Remember You," "Wonderland" and "The Price," the latter a duet with Trisha Yearwood. He also dallied with the idea of including live versions of Little Feat's "Fat Man in the Bathtub," Tom Waits' "Blind Love" and his own "Sometimes."

One song that was also said to be included in the album at one point is Seger's version of Waits' "Downtown Train." That song ultimately ended up on the 2011 retrospective album Ultimate Hits: Rock and Roll Never Forgets.

The previously mentioned tracks "I'll Remember You" and "The Sea Inside" later appeared on Seger's 2017 follow-up album I Knew You When.

Bob Seger Band Members / Musicians

A number of prolific session musicians from Nashville worked with Seger on the album. Among them are Rob McNelley (guitar), Glenn Worf (bass), Jim "Moose" Brown (keyboards, guitar), Biff Watson (guitar), and Chad Cromwell (drums). Also present is Seger's usual group of backing vocalists including Laura Creamer, Shaun Murphy and Barb Payton, and The Motor City Horns. Country singer and guitarist Vince Gill is a guest vocalist on the track "Listen."

Ride Out is the 17th studio album by American rock singer–songwriter Bob Seger. The album was released on October 14, 2014.

Although Seger had previously stated that it might be his final album, a follow-up album entitled I Knew You When was released on November 17, 2017.

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