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Curved Air - North Star (2014)

Curved Air - North Star (2014)

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Curved Air - North Star

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"Stay Human" – 3:50

"Time Games" – 6:23

"Puppets" (Darryl Way, Sonja Kristina) – 5:20

first appeared on Second Album

"Images and Signs" – 6:44

"Interplay" – 5:41

"Spider" – 4:39

"Magnetism" – 6:32

"Colder Than A Rose In Snow" (Paul Travis, Norma Tager) – 4:26

first appeared on the 1980 Sonja Kristina album

"Spirits in the Material World" (Gordon Sumner) – 4:58

"Old Town News" – 5:08

"Situations" (Darryl Way, Rob Martin) – 6:14

first appeared on Air Conditioning

"Chasing Cars" (Gary Lightbody, Nathan Connolly, Jonny Quinn, Tom Simpson, Paul Wilson) – 4:54

cover of song by Snow Patrol

"Young Mother" (Darryl Way, Sonja Kristina) – 6:45

first appeared on Second Album

"Across the Universe" (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) – 4:20

Curved Air Band Members / Musicians

Sonja Kristina – vocals

Florian Pilkington-Miksa – drums

Kirby Gregory – guitar

Chris Harris – bass guitar and electric upright bass

Robert Norton – keyboards

Paul Sax – violin

Marvin Ayres – advisor, engineer, vocal engineer

Beric Wickens - Producer

Denis Blackham – mastering

Nuno Fernandes – engineer

Carl Glover – graphic design, montage, photography

Michael Inns – portraits

Chris Smith – engineer

Ben Williams – engineer

North Star is the 7th studio album by Curved Air and was released on 17 March 2014. It was the first studio album of mostly new material since the band reformed in 2008, following 2008's Reborn (mostly re-recordings of material from their first five albums, with two new tracks), 2010's Retrospective (a "best-of" anthology of original recordings from 1970–1976 plus three tracks by MASK) and 2012's Live Atmosphere (live performances from 2010/11).

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