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Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond (1972)

Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond (1972)

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Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond
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Side one
1. "Dancing Madly Backwards (on a Sea of Air)"   4:02
2. "Armworth"   1:48
3. "Myopic Void"   3:31
4. "Mesmerization Eclipse"   3:48
5. "Raging River of Fear"   3:47

Side two
1. "Thousand Days of Yesterdays (Intro)"   1:16
2. "Frozen Over"   3:46
3. "Thousand Days of Yesterdays (Time Since Come and Gone)"   3:57
4. "I Can't Feel Nothin' (Part 1)"   3:06
5. "As the Moon Speaks (to the Waves of the Sea)"   1:27
6. "Astral Lady"   0:58
7. "As the Moon Speaks (Return)"   1:57
8. "I Can't Feel Nothin' (Part 2)"   1:46

Captain Beyond Band Members / Musicians
Rod Evans – lead vocals
Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt – guitars
Lee Dorman – bass guitar, backing vocals, piano
Bobby Caldwell – drums, all percussion instruments (including bells and vibraphone), backing vocals, piano

Captain Beyond is the debut album by Captain Beyond, released in 1972, featuring former members of Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple, Johnny Winter, and Rick Derringer. The album cover for the U.S. release included 3-D artwork (using lenticular printing). The album was dedicated to the memory of Duane Allman, who Captain Beyond drummer Bobby Caldwell had played with in an informal capacity.

Captain Beyond is unique among guitar-driven hard rock albums in that it contains a wide range of influences, including Latin and jazz, often with various time signatures and a broad range of dynamics within the same song. Most of the album consists of three medleys of tightly arranged interconnected songs. The first starts with "Dancing Madly Backwards (on a Sea of Air)" and ends with "Myopic Void". The second starts with "Thousand Days of Yesterdays (Intro)" and ends with "Thousand Days of Yesterdays (Time Since Come and Gone)". The third starts with "I Can't Feel Nothin' (Part 1)" and finishes the album. Songs flow directly into each other without any lag time between selections, a feature that is shared with other more progressive bands of the era such as Moody Blues and Jethro Tull.

Captain Beyond is an American rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1972. Their eclectic style bridges elements of psychedelic rock, progressive rock and jazz fusion.

Captain Beyond Band Members
Bobby Caldwell - drums, percussion (1971–1973, 1973, 1976–1978, 1998–2003, 2013–present)

Jeff Artabasy - bass (1998–2003, 2015–present)

Don Bonzi - guitar (2013–present)

Jamie Holka - guitar (2013–present)

Simon Lind - guitar, keyboards, vocals (2013–present)

Lee Dorman - bass (1971–1973, 1973, 1976–1978)

Rod Evans - vocals (1971–1973, 1973)

Lewie Gold - keyboards (1971)

Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt - guitar (1971–1973, 1973, 1976–1978, 1998–2003)

Guille Garcia - percussion (1973)

Brian Glascock - drums (1973)

Reese Wynans - keyboards (1973)

Marty Rodriguez - drums (1973)

Jason Cahoon - vocals (1976)

Willy Daffern - vocals (1976–1978)

Dan Frye - keyboards (1998–2003)

Jimi Interval - vocals (1998–2003)

Steve Petrey - guitar (2000–2001)

Allen Carmen - bass (2013–2015)

Jeff "Boday" Christensen - guitar (2013–2015)

Captain Beyond Band Members / Musicians

Studio albums
Captain Beyond (1972)
Sufficiently Breathless (1973)
Dawn Explosion (1977)

Night Train Calling (2000)

Live releases
Far Beyond a Distant Sun – Live Arlington, Texas (1973)

Frozen Over Live (1973, Bootleg Version)

Live In Texas - October 6, 1973 (Official Bootleg, 2013 Reissue)

Live Anthology (Official Bootleg, 2013)

Live In Montreux 1972: 04.30.72 (2016)

Live In Miami August 19, 1972 (2019)

Live In New York - July 30th, 1972 (2019)

Lost & Found 1972-1973 (2017)

Covers and tribute releases
Thousand Days of Yesterdays (1999)

In 1985 US Hi-NRG outfit The Flirts released a single entitled "Dancing Madly Backwards" (Germany #46, US Dance #47).[17] Although musically and lyrically totally different, its chorus is lifted directly from "Dancing Madly Backwards (On a Sea of Air)" off Captain Beyonds first album.

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